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Xtra Interactions Mod v2

XTRA Interactions v2

If you have the older version of this mod please remove and replace with this one :) introducing the latest update to XTRA Interactions v2 for The Sims 4, now with positive and negative buffs for each interaction outcome, each with a 50/50 chance of occurring! Embrace the unpredictability of social dynamics as your Sims navigate through a diverse array of conversations, where every choice carries the potential for both positive and negative effects.

Foodies Talk (Pie Menu):  Your sim has to have the foodie trait

Engage in culinary discussions and experience the flavorful consequences. While sharing insights on "Discuss Food Documentaries" might leave your Sims feeling enlightened, debating on "Washing Chicken" could leave a lingering sense of uncertainty.

Discuss Food Documentaries:

Positive Buff: Food Cravings

Negative Buff: Food Guilt

Suggest the Perfect Wine:

Positive Buff: Wine Connoisseur

Negative Buff: Wine Snobbery

Swap Kitchen Disasters:

Positive Buff: Culinary Friends

Negative Buff: Cooking Frustration

Talk about Favorite Restaurants:

Positive Buff: Culinary Enthusiasm

Negative Buff: Dining Disappointment

Tell about Family Recipes:

Positive Buff: Heritage Connection

Negative Buff: Family Recipe Disrespect

Debate on Washing Chicken:

Positive Buff: Chicken Tips

Negative Buff: Wash Your Goddamn Chicken!!

Activism (Pie Menu):

Stand up for what you believe in and face the repercussions. Embracing "Female Empowerment" could empower your Sim with confidence, while discussions on "Social Justice" might stir up feelings of frustration.

Female Empowerment:

Positive Buff: Empowered Sisterhood

Negative Buff: Gender Bias Awareness

Stand Up Against Gender Inequality:

Positive Buff: Equality Advocate

Negative Buff: Gender Stereotype Pressure

Talk About the Living Crisis:

Positive Buff: Empathy Activist

Negative Buff: Crisis Fatigue

Talk about Social Justice:

Positive Buff: Social Justice Warrior

Negative Buff: Activist Burnout

Discuss Animal Rights:

Positive Buff: Animal Advocate

Negative Buff: More People Needed

Body Positivity Conversation:

Positive Buff: Self-Love Boost

Negative Buff: Struggling with Body Image

Health & Wellness (Pie Menu):

Nurture your Sims' well-being and explore the balance between mind, body, and soul. Engaging in "Mindfulness" might bring a sense of tranquility, but discussions about "Mental Health" could trigger feelings of vulnerability.

Discuss Fitness Classes:

Positive Buff: Fitness Community

Negative Buff: Fitness Comparison

Engage in Mindfulness:

Positive Buff: Mindful Serenity

Negative Buff: Mindless Distraction

Share Self-Care Tips:

Positive Buff: Self-Care Boost

Negative Buff: Self-Care Struggle

Share Skincare Routines:

Positive Buff: Glowing Complexion

Negative Buff: Skin Troubles

Talk About Mental Health:

Positive Buff: Feeling Supported

Negative Buff: Emotional Turmoil

There is a few Extra Interactions too : Indulge in the drama and mischief, but beware of the consequences. "Spill The Tea" could lead to a sense of camaraderie with friends, while "Throwing Shade" might result in strained relationships. There is all updated icons too.

Experience the ebb and flow of social interactions like never before with Xtra Interactions v2. Explore the nuanced dynamics of conversation, where every choice carries the potential for both positive and negative outcomes. Will your Sims rise above the challenges or succumb to the pitfalls of social interaction? It's time to find out in The Sims 4!


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Due to theft of my creations I have to put this disclaimer. I do not allow conversions, reuploads or paywalls for my 3d models. These items are not for commercial use so don't sell them or claim them as your own.


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