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Xtra Interactions | Cupids Calling Add-on Mod (FREE)

If you would like early access content a month before everyone else and Exclusive Blender content join my Patreon today!

Xtra Interactions | Cupids Calling Add-on Mod (FREE)

Welcome to "Cupid's Calling," the enchanting Valentine's add-on mod for "Xtra Interactions" that brings a touch of romance and passion to your Sims' lives! Delve into a world of heartfelt connections and intimate moments as you explore a variety of social interactions and buffs designed to ignite the flames of love and companionship.

Heart-to-Heart Talk: Engage in deep conversations that foster a "Heartfelt Connection" or risk the pain of "Heartache" if things don't go as planned.

Love Language Discussion: Discover your partner's love language and bask in the "Love Language Understanding," but beware of the frustration of "Miscommunication Frustration."

Promises and Commitments: Embrace "Committed Devotion" as you make promises, but be wary of the fallout from "Broken Promises."

Secret Love Letter: Experience the thrill of being a "Secret Admirer" or face the awkwardness of leaving someone "Weirded Out."

Talk about Fantasies: Explore "Fantasy Fulfillment" together or risk feeling "Vanilla" in your relationship.

Talk about Fairy Tale Endings: Dream of "Fairy Tale Dreams" or face the reality of feeling "Tied Down."

Discuss Spirit Animals: Find "Spiritual Harmony" or navigate through "Spiritual Discord" in your relationship.

Discuss Soul Mates: Affirm your bond as "Soul Mates" or confront the doubt of being unsure about your connection.

Whispered Desires: Unleash your desires and revel in the passion of "Desire Unleashed" or face the discomfort of "Ick!"

Naughty Pillow Talk: Connect intimately with "Naughty Pillow Talk" or deal with the aftermath of a "Headache."

Passionate Goodnight Kiss: End your day with "Goodnight Bliss" or experience the sting of being "Ignored."

And don't miss out on the highlight of the season: the Valentine's Ball! Host a romantic gathering, complete challenges, and strive for gold, silver, or bronze status as you create unforgettable memories filled with music, dancing, and heartfelt moments.

Get ready to embark on a journey of love and romance like never before with "Cupid's Calling." It's time to celebrate love in all its forms and create lasting memories with your beloved Sims!

This is a standalone add-on, you don't need Xtra Interactions but it adds to the gameplay.

 Xtra Interactions v2 is available for early release right now here (xx)

 but you can still get the v1 for free on Curseforge (xx)

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If you would like early access content a month before everyone else and Exclusive Blender content join my Patreon today!

Due to theft of my creations I have to put this disclaimer. I do not allow conversions, reuploads or paywalls for my 3d models. These items are not for commercial use so don't sell them or claim them as your own.


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