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SimmerKate x LaSkrillz Collab (Part one)

SimmerKate x LaSkrillz (Part one)

Hey guys :) I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a happy holidays <3 This set was supposed to be for Christmas day but I got hella busy due to festivities lol. LaSkrillz and I have been working on this Collab for months. She is literally such a good creator friend of mine and it has been such a joy working with her. The Collab is 100% free so enjoy <3 Part one of this Collab is created by me, Part 2 will be released on and will be all made by her. Let me just say I've seen the stuff from her set and its sooo good. This set includes:

  • Nail Technician Table

  • Nail Technician Heart Chairs

  • Foot Spas

  • Gel Lamp

  • Nail Polish bottles

  • Nail Polish shelves

  • Support Your Local Nail Neon Light

  • Slay Area Neon Light Some of these items are high poly so please be careful when using a low end pc. Also use bb.moveobjects to place the both chairs on the table.

check out our socials here Insta: @SimmerKatex Laskrillz: Patreon: Insta: @laskrillz_ts4


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