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Gamer Girl Mini Mod

Gamer Girl Mini Mod v1

Hey :) so I've made this little mini mod and I hope you like :)

This mod includes:

  • Custom Interactions

  • Gamer Girl Trait

  • Gamer Girl Career

  • You also get a buff when your sim has the Gamer Girl Trait.

You get 5 Career levels:

  • 1. Noob - 12/h

  • 2. Climber 25/h

  • 3. Known 45/h

  • 4. Top Tier 78/h

  • 5. Legendary Girl Gamer 300/h

This is only the first version and I'm gonna be adding on to it and building it up. If you have any ideas for interactions or buffs let me know :) if you have any problems with the mod also let me know :) Enjoy xxx

Follow my insta @SimmerKatex <3


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