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Fluffy Tie Heels

Fluffy Tie up Heels

Hey thank you for supporting again this month <3 its sooo much appreciated so thank you xx These are my first ever attempt at heels so I hope you like They might have a few clipping issues with body presets and sliders but its not extreme as I tried to fix as much as I could. 20 Swatches - 22k Poly This item is a little high poly so if your using a low end pc please be careful when using high poly cc.

Public Release - 2nd of April Follow me on Insta @SimmerKatex (Just hit 700 followers)

KO-FI (xx) ad-free Patreon (xx) ad-free im uploading on both platforms Kofi is exactly like patreon (just less fees that they take from creators) I'm still gonna be uploading to patreon as normal so you can choose which platform its totally up to you <3



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