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Disney Birthday Set

Disney Birthday set

Hi :) I hope you like this set, i love the outcome its sooo cute. on the preview images ive featured alot of princess stuff but there are alot of swatches including winnie the pooh, micky mouse, lion king, cars ,etc... This set includes:

  • Disney Gift Set

  • Happy Birthday Banner

  • Disney Cake

  • Moana Balloon

  • Elsa Balloon

  • Winnie pooh Balloon

  • Minnie Balloon

  • Mickey Balloon

  • Disney Round Balloons

  • Disney Table Cloth Resize with [ or ] also use bb.moveobjects cheat to place the table cloth.

Public Release - 25th of December Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Follow me on insta @SimmerKatex

Thank you xx

Due to theft of my creations I have to put this disclaimer. I do not allow conversions, reuploads or paywalls for my 3d models. These items are not for commercial use so don't sell them or claim them as your own.


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