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Introducing Nola Maxwell

Nola Maxwell, 21 Years old, Aspiring Model.

Nola was brought up in Windenburg but moved to San Myshuno last year when she got a job as a model.

She comes from a very large family, some of them being models themselves.

Her mother is Aria Maxwell and grandmother is Lilly Maxwell Very well known models of

She has three sisters and one brother.

Violet: Age 25

Jax: Age 3

Karlee: Age 2

Cece: 1 week old

Jax, Karlee and Cece are Nola and Violets half siblings.

Aria got divorced to Nola and Violets dad when the girls was just children and he moved away.

The girls don't have any contact with him.

Nola is of Puerto Rican, British and Italian heritage (Her mum being Puerto Rican and dad being Italian British).

She currently has 1M Simstagram followers and has been on billboards all around San Myshuno.

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