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Y2K Inspired Gaming Set

Y2K Gaming Stuff

Hey thank you for supporting again this month <3 I appreciate you :) xx This set Includes:

  • Heart PC (Functional)

  • Lip Telephone

  • Gamer Boost Tubs

  • Comfy Pc Chair

  • Keyboard Mat These items are a little high poly so be careful when using a low end pc

Lately I've been finding some meshes have these weird lines that I cannot get rid of through everything I have tried, its only some items so If you get weird lines / shadows around items in your game, follow this tutorial (xx) Due to updates to sims 4 if you have previously did the fix above to remove lines on meshes, please do it again as it has reset on mine, but not sure about others.

Public Release - 5th of August Follow me on insta @SimmerKatex Patreon (xx) ad-free


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