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Self Love Set

Self Love Set

Hey guys I hope you like this mini set <3 all of the art you see Is mine :) ( I like to do art in my spare time) I also sculpted the bodies and it took me forever but im sooo in love with how they turned out. This set includes:

  • Plus size Pregnant Body Candle

  • Pregnant Body Candle

  • Self Love Canvases

  • Self Love Rugs

Notebooks Public Release - 7th of April This item is a little high poly so if your using a low end pc please be careful when using high poly cc. Follow me on Insta @SimmerKatex (Just hit 700 followers)

Patreon (xx) ad-free Ko-fi (xx) Ad -free If you want the notebooks IRL then here is the link to my amazon store :) (xx) im uploading on both platforms Kofi is exactly like patreon (just less fees that they take from creators) I'm still gonna be uploading to patreon as normal so you can choose which platform its totally up to you <3


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