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Ice-cream Birthday Set (cc)

Ice-cream Birthday Set

This Set Includes :

  • Square Balloon Arch (Left & Right)

  • Circle Balloon Arch

  • Heart Chairs

  • Table Balloons

  • Balloon Stand

  • Table with Cloth

  • Ice-cream sculpture

  • Neon Happy Birthday sign Use bb.objects to place the square balloon arch

These items are a little high poly so please be careful if using a low end pc. Lately I've been finding some meshes have these weird lines that I cannot get rid of through everything I have tried, its only some items so If you get weird lines / shadows around items in your game, follow this tutorial (xx) Follow me on insta @SimmerKatex

Ko-fi (xx) ad-free Patreon (xx) ad-free im uploading on both platforms Kofi is exactly like patreon (just less fees that they take from creators) I'm still gonna be uploading to patreon as normal so you can choose which platform its totally up to you <3


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