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Gamer Boy Room (Part 1)

Gamer Boy Room (part 1)

Hey guys :) I hope you like this set :) Sorry it was soo long I was having issues with the rigging of the bed and table. I was planning on getting the exclusive set out too but as im behind on my cc it will be the next set, I promise.

this set includes:
  • Xrocker Bunk bed

  • Xrocker desk

  • Xrocker Gaming Chair

  • Gamer Rugs

  • Updated No boundary Futuristic Pc

Some of these items are high poly so please be careful if you have a low end pc. also as these items collide, I took the boundaries off, If you use the table under the bed then the items u place on the table will have to have no boundaries also because u wont be able to use the bed... I tried to use the default bunk beds but they just wouldn't work so I had to compromise. All of my gaming pcs will be compatible. If you wanna use the table on its own without the bed then you can place anything on it.

Public Release - 16th of December Follow me on insta @simmerkatex


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