Brooklyn Studio Set

Brooklyn Studio Set

Hey I hope you like this set <3 I am soooo obsessed with this aesthetic This set includes:

  • Valley Chill Pillows

  • Valley Sofa

  • Balloons for sofa

  • Hello Gorgeous Neon Light (Standing)

  • Egg Plant Neon Light

  • Desk Fan

  • This must be the place wall neon light

  • Gold Side Table

These items are a little high poly so please be careful if using a low end pc. Lately I've been finding some meshes have these weird lines that I cannot get rid of through everything I have tried, its only some items so If you get weird lines / shadows around items in your game, follow this tutorial (xx) If you have any issues with my cc give me a message and I will sort it asap. Follow me on insta @SimmerKatex

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