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Basic Studio Scene with 2 Props

Basic Studio Scene with 2 Props

This scene is perfect for up close portraits and selfies. There is one light in the middle of the white backdrop which will act like a ring light just like IRL. The light has a warmer tint (which you can always change) This scene renders better in cycles than it does eevee Render sampling is at 318 for cycles but if its too high for your pc to render, turn it down to about 70 and it should be okay. Ive added 2 props that you can use also which are a balloon arch and a chair. Ive added a few extra textures in the folder for the balloon arch. I created new textures for the chair in blender so if you want to change the chair colour you can. Please do not reupload this scene or any of the props please. Please do not convert any of the props to any game. Thank you. £1 Get it Here (xx)


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