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Baby Furniture Set

Baby Furniture Set

Hey I am so sorry this took so long to upload, Ive been hella busy with youtube, upcoming stuff for january and ive been ill for the last 2 days, But as my blender skills have improved I really wanted to challenge myself and I created these Baby items I really Hope you like it lol

This set includes:

  • Mamas & Papas Baby Bouncer - 27k Poly

  • Baby Carseat - 28k Poly

  • Mamas & Papas Play Mat - 13K Poly

  • Fluffy Teddy Bear - 11k Poly

Use bb.moveobjects to scale the items using [ ]

Public Release - 27th of December Follow me on insta @SimmerKatex Enjoy x Patreon (xx) ad-free


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