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Introducing SimmerKate's latest creation, the "Slaying Sims, One CC at a Time" Unisex Cotton Tee, your ultimate statement piece for both gaming prowess and style. Crafted from medium-weight fabric (5.3 oz/yd²) of 100% cotton, this tee promises year-round comfort and durability, perfect for your gaming adventures.

With its classic fit and crew neckline, SimmerKate's tee offers a relaxed, timeless style suitable for any occasion, from intense gaming sessions to casual hangouts with fellow Simmers.

Designed with passion and precision, our tee features a captivating pink circle design adorned with the empowering text "Slaying Sims, One CC at a Time." This emblematic logo embodies the dedication and creativity you bring to every Sim creation and gaming conquest.

Crafted using 100% US cotton and certified by Oeko-Tex for safety and quality assurance, SimmerKate's tee not only makes a bold statement but also upholds ethical production practices, aligning with your values as a dedicated simmer.

"Slaying Sims, One CC at a Time" Unisex Cotton Tee (Green Logo)

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